Dear Intercampers,

As you are aware, the COVID19 infection is gaining ground and there are now more and more closures of public events, as well as countries closing borders and schools. As other Scouting events have been postponed or cancelled, it leads me to this announcement.

Intercamp 2020 UK is now Cancelled!

I am really sorry that this has had to happen, but heath and happiness are more important. With that said, we are now looking at possible alternatives. so please keep looking at our Social Media Platforms. For those that are concerned, we are tying up our accounts this week to hand back to the Intercamp Committee.

It isn’t often that we suffer natural disasters such as this that stop events, but when they do – they certainly do! COVID-19 is likely to be around for a bit longer than first anticipated, so the safe thing to do is to cancel and look to the future.

I am sure you will all join me in thanking the 2020 team for the last three years of hard work and we all look forward to seeing you at the next Intercamp.

Best wishes for the future,
Yours in Scouring,


Peter Byrne
Camp Chief
IC2020 UK