On this page you can find all the information you need on the upcoming Intercamp. All troops have now received a information booklet with the same information in a small document. You can find this booklet here in English, Czech and Polish.

This year the general theme of Intercamp is “BE A PART OF NATURE” and is based on one of the fundamental pillars of Scouting in the world. Nature and outdoor life is a great place to experience Scouting and during Intercamp we will try to take you through nature in a broad sense. Most of the activities will take place outside and can point you to the beauty nature has to offer.

Please take care of nature, not only during Intercamp, and protect our planet.

Our official programme will start after the opening ceremony on Saturday morning. Since Intercamp has gotten so large, the programme will be split in two. On half of Intercamp will do on-site activities, the other half will go for a walk during the off-site programme. On Sunday, the roles are reversed so no-one will have to miss one of the activities. Like always, the programme will be centered around the prime principles of Scouting and Intercamp. There will be more than enough room to get to know each other and make new friends.

Did you know that some of the longest lasting friendships were founded on Intercamp?

Global Programme

10:00 Arrival possible
16:00 The Plaza open

19:00 Dinner

22:00 Plaza closed
23:00 Silence please

07:00 Good morning!
07:30 Breakfast
08:00 Opening Ceremony
09:00 Start Off-Site*
09:30 the Plaza open

09:30 Start On-Site
11:00 Round 1

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Round 2
14:00 Round 3
15:00 Round 4

18:00 Dinner

19:00 Church Service

22:00 Plaza closed
23:00 Silence please

07:00 Good morning!
07:30 Breakfast

09:00 Start Off-Site*
09:30 the Plaza open

09:30 Start On-Site
11:00 Round 1

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Round 2
14:00 Round 3
15:00 Round 4

17:30 Street Food Festival

22:00 Plaza closed
23:00 Silence please

06:00 Good morning!
07:00 Breakfast

09:00 Closing Ceremony

10:00 Departure possible

18:00 Intercamp Terrain Empty

See you next year!

Programme Information

In hopefully great weather we will provide one full day of activities. The on-site programme will take place at and around the campsite. We have prepared a variety of games and workshops and made a extensive schedule to make sure everyone can enjoy it. It’s important you are there on time not to miss anything!

Games take 15 minutes and workshops will take about an hour. Like last year we want to stimulate international patrols. Participants will be divided in an international patrol which consist of 10 scouts. We ask every troop to make pairs of two, with preferabally at least one who can speak a bit of English. This way we can provide a safe environment and make sure every one has fun!

These games and workshops are based on the central “be a part of nature” theme and are based on one of the four elements (fire, earth, water and air) or even the mysterious combination of all four elements.

For one programme part we ask you to bring one “baking tin” per participant and some tea lights.

It is time to put on your walking shoes, it is time to take a hike! In order to get almost 2500 Scouts on the ground, and back in time for supper we need your cooperation!

In this hike, you will submerge in the beautiful surroundings of the Veluwe and you will become a part of nature. You will take a hike through this ecosystem, try to make a life of your own here! If you play more games, your life here will get more natural.

We have prepared this year’s hike so that every troop will walk the same distance and experience the same hike. You will be set loose in four different directions with clear instructions to follow one of the four “paths”. In line with this year’s Intercamp theme, we have made use of the four primal elements to guide you through beautiful areas of the Netherlands.

There will be five posts along the hike where different activities are organized, along with sufficient sanitary provisions and water. The total length of the route is approximately 16 kilometers.

Off-site briefing will be the evening before the hike. Contact your subcamp chief for more information. During the briefing, you or your troop leader will receive clear instructions on how the route is marked, emergency contact numbers and a map.

  • Prepare for rain..
  • Take food and enough water!
  • Route info and emergency phone numbers are on the hike leaflet given to you at the breefing!
  • We work with timeslots, please be on time.
  • Please wear your Scouting Uniform when you’re hiking.
  • Take your trash with you, and dispose of it properly like a true Scout!

We have a photoshoot! Smile and watch the pictures on the Intercamp website

The Plaza is the central and buzzing hub for Intercamp 2019. There will be various activities to visit and participate in and it will be the place for participants to get drinks and snacks for reasonable prices. Check the program for plaza opening hours!

Centrally positioned at Plaza is our mainstage. Besides the opening and closing ceremony, there will be a DJ on stage on Saturday and Sunday evening. Or famous Intercamp DJ René will entertain you with the newest and greatest hits. Please don’t hesitate to challenge him with your personal requests, you will be surprised!

If you don’t want to bring your own T-shirt for printing, you can also buy one at the Scoutshops. You want to have some scouts souvenirs you can get them in the scouts shops of the Czech republic, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands and/or the USA. Don’t forget to visit our own Intercamp shop and get a great souvenir.

There will be various activities you can visit and participate. You can go back in time at the national Scouts museum of the Netherlands and learn something more about the history of scouting. Or you can visit the international stand of SCENES centers and learn more about our environment. But there is more, much more… If you like to swop, visit our Intercamp Swop tent or the exhibition of the Dutch Collectors, the NVVSO on Sundays, Sent a postcard to your friends and family onsite or at home from or own Intercamp Post office . Leave a message at our Wishing Tree or be creative in the “Pyro” tent. Bring your own T-shirt and print the Intercamp 2019 logo on it at the “Silk screen Printing” tent. The first print is for free (a ticket will be given at the subcamps). If you want more prints, we’ll ask 1 €.

Scouting without a good campfire is like swimming without water! Join us at the central campfire area. To give Intercamp an extra good start, we want you to join us singing the best campfire songs on Friday evening. Don’t miss it!

Are you getting tired of all activities, or you just want to relax and watch others having a good time at Plaza? Visit the Forrest House. Here you can get several non-alcoholic drinks, ice-cream, coffee and tea. Hungry? No problem! There are several food trucks present at Plaza where you can buy a snack for special Intercamp prices.


On Saturday evening, the Traditional Intercamp Church service will take place at 19:00 in the local church of “De Steeg”.
If you want to join us, we will go in a joint procession leaving at the Plaza around 18:30. Please be there in time.


On Sunday from 17:30 to 19:30 we will build a great “buffet” with all 6 subcamps together on the road. Each troop offers a typical dish (main or desert) to share with your fellow Scouts! So bring out your inner Scout Chef and make a local dish you’re proud of!

With so many people from all around Europe gathered on such a large campsite it’s necessary to establish some ground rules to make Intercamp a safe and fun place for everyone to stay. Here are some important rules to remember. We have also included some of the most frequently asked questions. Be sure to check them as well.

Rules are never a substitute for common sense. If in doubt, contact the camp leaders for more information. 

  • Cars are not allowed on the subcamps. Only during loading and unloading cars with and without trailers drive on the designated roads. Cars have to park at the designated parking sites. Trailers are allowed on the subcamps during the camp
  • Open fires and campfires are not allowed. WHEN MAKING CAMPFIRE, YOUR TROOP CAN BE REMOVED FROM THE INTERCAMP!
  • Cooking may only be done on approved burners, of which the sleeves must also be approved. The cooking equipment must be put above ground level.
  • Candles, oil lamps, lamps with liquid fuel, coal burners or any other light with open fire are not allowed in tents.
  • Pocket knives are only allowed when the blade is less than 12 cm.
  • Phosphor glowing sticks or other kinds of dangerous materials can not be used or sold.
  • No permanent holes may be dug out.
  • Participant are not allowed to enter the castle area.
  • Entering forest and restricted areas is only allowed with permission of the safety team, entering without said permission can lead to removal of your troop from intercamp.
  • Scouts must wear their uniform at all times during the opening and closing ceremony. And during the hike they should wear a scout scarf as a minimum, so they are recognizable as scout.
  • Swim shorts and bikinis are not allowed.
  • Be sure to have headgear in case of warm weather and take care to always have plenty of water with you.
  • Alcohol is not permitted on the campsite; only at the Scouters Club beer can be consumed (not taken away) in the evening. Drugs are strictly forbidden at the camp.
  • Smoking is not allowed on the campsite except in the designated smoking areas.
  • Quiet time must be observed. Radios, sound blasters or other electronic music devices are not allowed during the camp.
  • Swapping may only be done by children to children or adults with adults, and only badges for badges. The swapping of pocket knives and or other dangerous items is not allowed. There is an organized swap place on the plaza.
  • Pets of all kind are not allowed at camp!
  • All participants camp at their own risk and are required to arrange for adequate insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, you can not. Registration for 2019 is closed. Keep an eye on our Facebook page or website for registration in 2020.

Yes! You have to make your own arrangements. So, you need to buy enough food for the weekend and have equipment with you to cook it!

BBQ: Yes, but make sure it’s safe. We do not allow open fire.

Caravan or campervan: Unfortunately caravans and motorhomes are not permitted anywhere on the camp ground.

Car: We have a dedicated carpark for Intercamp, but encourage you to share!

Touring car: We have a dedicated parking spot for touring cars less than one kilometer from our camp ground.

Shortly after registration, you will receive a flyer with some preliminary information. After registration is closed on March 1st, we will prepare the camp booklet with all the information you need. We will send this to every troop and IST in the beginning of April 2019. We will continue to update this website and facebook in the mean time.

Our municipality permit does not allow troops to enter the terrain before Friday morning or depart later than Monday evening. Unlike some other countries in Europe, the Netherlands does not allow wild camping so you have to keep this in mind when planning your travels.

If you want to bring more leaders then our normal ratio (1:5) please know that we expect some of your leaders to fill in various jobs like managing on-site games during the camp. This is to enable as many young Scouts as possible to attend Intercamp. You will receive more information on your subcamp.

We have very strict rules concerning open fire and it is not allowed in our permit. Making open fire on the camp site will unfortunately result in your removal from Intercamp. There is a joint campfire for all to enjoy.


All registered troops and serviceteam members have received confirmation about their registration. We’re sorry if you are too late! In 2020 Intercamp will take place in the UK! Follow this website or the Intercamp facebook page for more information about upcoming camps and registration.