Registeration for Intercamp 2019 is now open! Head to our registration page but be sure to read the information here first.

Intercamp 2019 will be held from June 7th until June 10th on and around the Middachten estate located in De Steeg, a Dutch village within the municipality of Rheden. Middachten Castle is located on the estate and dates from around 1693. Located near the oldest national park of the Netherlands, Veluwezoom consists of forests and patches of heath making it a brilliant spot for hiking and Intercamp!

At the moment the organizing committee is busy preparing for this wonderful event. In the following months, we will continue to update this website, Facebook and other channels with more information regarding Intercamp 2019.

This year the general theme of Intercamp is “BE A PART OF NATURE” and is based on one of the fundamental pillars of Scouting in the world. Nature and outdoor life is a great place to experience Scouting and during Intercamp we will try to take you through nature in a broad sense. Most of the activities will take place outside and can point you to the beauty nature has to offer.

Please take care of nature, not only during Intercamp, and protect our planet.

Our official programme will start after the opening ceremony on Saturday morning. Since Intercamp has gotten so large, the programme will be split in two. On half of Intercamp will do on-site activities, the other half will go for a walk during the off-site programme. On Sunday, the roles are reversed so no-one will have to miss one of the activities. Like always, the programme will be centered around the prime principles of Scouting and Intercamp. There will be more than enough room to get to know each other and make new friends.

Did you know that some of the longest lasting friendships were founded on Intercamp?

With so many people from all around Europe gathered on such a large campsite it’s necessary to establish some ground rules to make Intercamp a safe and fun place for everyone to stay. Here are some important rules to remember. We have also included some of the most frequently asked questions. Be sure to check them as well.

Rules are never a substitute for common sense. If in doubt, contact the camp leaders for more information. 

Registration for both participating troops and service team members will open on the first of November. You can register using the online portal. We do have a limitation on the number of participants and IST so don’t wait too long if you want to register. Registration ends at March 1st 2019! Don’t be late.

Yes! You have to make your own arrangements.

BBQ: Yes, but make sure it’s safe.

Caravan or campervan: Unfortunately caravans and motorhomes are not permitted anywhere on the camp ground.

Car: We have a dedicated carpark for Intercamp, but encourage you to share!

Touring car: We have a dedicated parking spot for touring cars less than one kilometer from our camp ground.

Shortly after registration, you will receive a flyer with some preliminary information. After registration is closed on March 1st, we will prepare the camp booklet with all the information you need. We will send this to every troop and IST in the beginning of April 2019. We will continue to update this website and facebook in the mean time.

Our municipality permit does not allow troops to enter the terrain before Friday morning or depart later than Monday evening. Unlike some other countries in Europe, the Netherlands does not allow wild camping so you have to keep this in mind when planning your travels.

If you want to bring more leaders then our normal ratio (1:5) please know that we expect some of your leaders to fill in various jobs like managing on-site games during the camp. This is to enable as many young Scouts as possible to attend Intercamp. You will receive more information on your subcamp.

You want to come to Intercamp? Cool! Registration for Intercamp 2019 is now open for both participating troops and service team members. It is not possible to register here as an individual (youth) participant, please contact your national representative for more information if you want to attend Intercamp but don’t have a troop coming to the event.

Participating Troops

Participating troops consist of youth members (aged 11-16 years) and responsible adult leaders. Unfortunately, we have to set a maximum number of participants and it could be that on some point registration will be put on hold. If there are more adult leaders coming than our accepted ratio, we expect some leaders to fill in service team roles during Intercamp!

Service Team

The International Service Team (IST) make Intercamp possible. We need adult leaders for all kinds of activities. Some of you even have been asked by the organizing committee to take part in Intercamp 2019. Registration will open the same time as for troops and also here a maximum of IST apply. Please only register if you have the time and commitment to make Intercamp 2019 work.

Click here to head to our registration page!