until the Intercamp Opening Ceremony - June 3rd 2017

50th Anniversary!

In 2017 we will celebrate 50 years of Intercamp with a camp organised by the Intercamp Committee! We started the preparation in May 2015 and more and more details are coming together.

There will definitely be some 50 years of Intercamp specials for all participants – but we don’t want to say too much just yet.


After two years in eastern Europe Intercamp will return closer to its roots in the German west. The location of choice for 2017 is Warendorf in the “Münster area”. Fitting the programme idea of looking to the future, we will be camping in a more urban way in comparison to last Intercamps. But don’t worry: Warendorf is a small town! It has a great history and offers a lot to explore – you will see!


Obviously we want to recognise the 50 year old tradition of Intercamp in the programme as well! However, more then looking back, we want to look forward! What might the next 50 years – not only of Intercamp – look like?

Find out more about the hike on Sunday… and an overview about the whole programme can be found in the Leader’s Guide for Intercamp 2017, here.


This year we will welcome more then 3.200 Scouts from 10+ Countries for the 50th Intercamp in Warendorf. We hope all of you joining us for the anniversary are looking forward to a great camp as much as we are!





We are very happy and grateful with the support we got from the local toom store in Warendorf. The do-it-your-self store supported Intercamp with a lot of the materials we needed to built the program activities.

If you forgot something back home and need supplies at camp, be sure to find them there! All about the store can be found at https://www.toom-baumarkt.de/mein-markt/details/warendorf/.