until the Intercamp Opening Ceremony - May 19th 2018



Ready to Change the world?

We all recognize that there are plenty of things going on in this world that cause un unnecessary pain and suffering. Not only for human beings, but also for animals, plants , … or the planet.

We as scouts are now 40 Million, if we all together want to change something we can. We just have to want it and make it happen. When big changes happens in the world it always start from a spark , a small spark that makes a small fire, gets bigger just to turn into an immense bonfire.

This Intercamp we will start a small change and tell about it to the world, this change will inspire other scouts over the world and as a chain reaction we will make this world a better place.

Are YOU ready to change the world?

How we will achieve this?

On September 25th 2015, countries adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years. For the goals to be reached, everyone needs to do their part: governments, private sector, civil society and scouts like you.

This year’s intercamp games will guide you in a fun way through these goals. Each game will create awareness, inspire to action and make it possible to actually make change and take ideas home.

The games will take place on site, but there will also be action on the hike. This year’s hike will bring us closer to the community around the campsite than ever. Changing the world starts in your neighborhood, and that’s why every hike will have a small community service build in. So we bring happiness not only to the camp, but also outside it.


Like mentioned before we will start a change and work on each sustainable development goal. But this will not end after the camp. You will bring your and your friends ideas home. Other scouts will do the same in other countries and all together we will really change the world.

To visualize we will built a big Rube Goldberg machine, this machine will show us each single goal we have achieved during this camp.

It will show us, that a chain reaction of actions taken can lead to the bigger goal:

create a better world for all…



Next year’s intercamp will be organized in Sint Truiden, Belgium. From 18th till 21st May 2018.



During intercamp there will be an ON-SITE and OFF-SITE program. On Saturday half of the subcamps will take part in the on-site activities in international patrols. The other half of the participants will take part in a hike with their own troop. On Sunday both groups will exchange and do the other part of the program.



The plaza is an open space that serves as a meeting ground for various activities. The plaza will be the central “gathering place” where you’ll find the post-office, the IC-museum and several walk-in activities.
The plaza also serves as a marketplace where different countries keep stalls or shops to sell their scouting and guiding goods.
You will be able learn more about previous intercamps, send a postcard, find a scout belt to keep your pants from dropping off or make a print on your t-shirt
This year we’ll also have a global development village. Each contingent will prepare a topic that is specific and contemporary in their country.


Subcamp life

All participants will be devided over several subcamps. The subcampstaff will help you to organize your troop on the venue.