2012, Vilsek – Germany

About this Intercamp

Welcome to Intercamp 2012 in Vilseck! The theme for this Intercamp is “An American Rendezvous”.
The theme is taken from the days of old when trappers would gather once a year to tell tales, conduct business, and play games. In this spirit, over 2000 Scouts and Scouters from 10 nations and an international staff are coming together at Intercamp 2012 for a weekend of activities, memories and new friends.

Our program will not be limited only to past as we will also offer team building games and modern games. Patrols will spend one day having fun at three different themed stations and one day enjoying a hike. In addition, there is a game in the subcamps: connecting Scouts, Scouters and Staff from all nations.

Some of the skills necessary will include axe throwing, canoe carry, fire making, knot tying, lashings, orienteering and other mystery team building events. Patrols will be required to navigate from station to station. We wish you a great weekend of discovering and adventure, of finding new friends and some great memories to take home,

Peter Grunau

Date:  26th May 2012
Camp Chief:  Peter Grunau

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