During Intercamp 2019 you guys dropped or misplaced a lot of items. At the lost & found station we already returned dozens of items belonging to you. After cleaning up the terrain, there some items left. Check this page to see if your item has been found. We will send your item back against regular shipping costs which have to be paid on forehand. Deadline for claiming your items is before the 1st of July! After this date, this page will go offline and the items discarded.

The pictures on this website represent the only leftover found items. So if it’s not here, unfortunately, we can not help you.

Follow these steps to reclaim an item:

  1. check the pictures below
  2. if you find your item, write down the corresponding number which is below the picture if you click on it.
  3. send an e-mail to richard@intercamp.info with
    1. the item number
    2. your name and contact information
    3. proof of ownership is possible
    4. if possible we will ship your item back against regular shipping costs