Intercamp 2019

8th June 2019


After a wonderful show from DJ René, a speech from the major of Rheden and our camp chief Didi INTERCAMP 2019 is officially open! Having eaten a …

7th June 2019

Good Night Intercamp!

After a very busy day, most of the Scouts present at Middachten are tired. It’s time to close your eyes for a couple of action-packed days. Don’t …

7th June 2019

Accidental Two are getting the party started at the Plaza

The official opening of Intercamp 2019 is tomorrow morning, but the Plaza is already buzzing with enthusiastic Scouts. Many of the shops have opened and are selling …

7th June 2019

Subcamps are buzzing on arrival day!

While some Scouts are still stuck in traffic jams on their way to De Steeg, all subcamps are alive. When looked at from above, masses of small …

7th June 2019

First troops are arriving… Are you ready?

Thousands of Scouts are making their way to De Steeg to celebrate Scouting at Intercamp 2019! They travel by plane, boat, bus, car and even bicycle! They …

6th June 2019

The Final Countdown to Intercamp 2019 – 1 day left!

The first troops have already started to make their way to Intercamp 2019! Starting from this time tomorrow, all troops are welcome at Middachten to set up …

5th June 2019

Countdown to Intercamp 2019 – 2 days!

Only two days left until you can arrive at the campsite! On-site preparations are in full swing and we can’t wait to welcome you at the Middachten estate …

4th June 2019

Countdown to Intercamp 2019 – 3 days!

Don’t forget your hiking shoes this year! We have prepared a true nature hike on the Netherlands’ oldest National Park. There will be five posts along the …

3rd June 2019

Countdown to Intercamp 2019 – 4 days!

Just 4 days left. It might be your first Intercamp experience, or perhaps you’ve seen a dozen camps. What’s your greatest memory to Intercamp?

2nd June 2019

Countdown to Intercamp 2019 – 5 days!

With only 5 days left to go to prepare for Intercamp, we go into swopping. Swopping remains immensely popular at Intercamp and gives you the chance to …