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28th January 2021

IC2021 UK – Update

View our statement about Intercamp 2021 UK.

8th November 2020

Registration for Intercamp 2021

Dear Intercampers, Scouts and Scouters, COVID-19 brings uncertainty and worries in all of our lives at the moment. With great sorrow we had to cancel Intercamp 2020 …

15th May 2020

Intercamp 2020 at Home

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Unfortunately, we cannot meet in person this year, however, we can still take part in some challenges from home! Head over to our Facebook Page to …

3rd February 2020

Frequently asked Questions for Intercamp 2020

Travelling to and from camp How to book a shuttle from harbour to the Intercamp site? The last details are currently in the planning, if you have …

14th June 2019

Pictures, pictures and more pictures! Looking back at Intercamp 2019..

At this time, one week ago, the Middachten Estate was a busy place crawling with Scouts finding their way to the subcamps. Now, after some rain, most …

11th June 2019

Missing your belongings after Intercamp 2019?

During Intercamp 2019 you guys dropped or misplaced a lot of items. At the lost & found station we already returned dozens of items belonging to you. …

10th June 2019

There’s a time to come, there’s a time to go..

The final gathering of all 5.000 scouts has ended. After a spectacular entrance by drum band Mr. H.M. van┬áder Zandt collecting the troops from the subcamps, it …

9th June 2019

Swop those badges..!

Swopping is one of Intercamp’s long-lived traditional activities that takes place almost day and night. You can find Scouts on any place imaginable, laying out badges or …

9th June 2019

Hiking around Middachten!

A big part of any Intercamp is the traditional hike. On Saturday the first half of Intercamp, almost 2500 Scouts, walked approximately 16 kilometers through parts of …

9th June 2019

Another birdshow and lots of Bows & Arrows

Falconer and his bird. With the wind fortunately much better this morning, the day for subcamp Deer, Badger and Boar started with a bird of prey show. …