Registration for Intercamp 2021

8th November 2020

Dear Intercampers, Scouts and Scouters,

COVID-19 brings uncertainty and worries in all of our lives at the moment. With great sorrow we had to cancel Intercamp 2020 in the UK and it is still hard to plan a scout camp like Intercamp 2021, at the moment. We are doing our best to find a good balance between joyful anticipation, planning security for you and avoiding unacceptable financial risks. As a result, the UK planning team and the Intercamp Committee agreed on the following procedure for Intercamp 2021 in UK:

Unlike in previous years, we will not open the registration for Intercamp in November – planning for a period of more than 7 months is currently impossible. We will observe the COVID-19 development over the next few months and hope to see an improving trend in January.

We will open the registration from 1st – 28th February 2021.

We will continuously monitor the COVID-19 situation with review and internal discussion. On April 5th, 2021 the UK team and the Intercamp Committee will decide if we will hold Intercamp May 21st – 24th at Quex Park, Birchington, Kent, UK.

In addition, in 2021 we will change the registration procedure and design it like a ticket store, so that you buy a number of tickets with your registration, which you will pay for at point of sale. This will help us to carry out the registration and collect the money we need to run the Intercamp in a relatively short amount of time.

To be fully transparent and clear: as in previous years our general no-refund-policy will apply to all tickets bought. If we have to cancel Intercamp at the beginning of April (or at a later time) due to COVID-19 you have no right or claim for a refund. Nevertheless, we will refund as much as we can on a strictly voluntary basis. We will not keep your money without cause.

We work as hard as we can to keep the financial risk as small as possible. In the negotiations with the service and utility providers we try to achieve that we can cancel contracts free of charge or a limited amount until April 5th, 2021. This hopefully enables us to refund you in full (or at least the biggest part) in case of a cancellation, as we did in 2020.

Camp Chief UK 2021

Intercamp Committee Chair


I'm the computer guy for Intercamp 2021 UK! You can find lots of information at