Frequently asked Questions for Intercamp 2020

3rd February 2020

Travelling to and from camp

How to book a shuttle from harbour to the Intercamp site?
The last details are currently in the planning, if you have a question in the meantime please contact Tom Byrne (

How much will the transport cost from Airport to camp?
This is dependent on the number of people needing to take this option and how many vehicles will be needed. We can also pick up at major airports and have a sight seeing tour of major sights in London on a coach before onward journey to IC2020 campsite. Price to be advised in February 2020.

There is another option of train from the airport to central London, sight see for half a day and then take a pre arranged coach from Embankment. The coach will need to be pre-booked 8 weeks prior to event via camp. Please contact the Chief of Transport for IC2020 at

Till which time can we arrive on Friday?
There is no cut off arrival time, but please be advised that if arrival is after light out (22.30) we ask for quiet arrival.

Can we arrive early (Thursday)?
IC2020 opens on Friday 29th May 2020 at 14:00. If need to arrive in area on the Thursday please see separate list of different campsites (which will be supplied within the next days).

What do we have to do if we have to leave on Sunday?
Please inform us at least 6 weeks prior to camp and then also inform your Subcamp chief at time of arrival. If you need transport back to airport or port on the Sunday this can be arranged, but will be at a cost for you.

Is it possible to stay until Tuesday? And if so, is there a return shuttle bus?
Monday is the last day for Intercamp 2020, groups and troops can’t stay until Tuesday, but we will supply a list of camp sites and publish it here.

Can scouts travel freely to the UK without additional documentation?
The United Kingdom is not a visa required country and the only documentation is Passport/ID Card and a group/troop produced permission to camp/travel form.

We come by coach where can the driver eat? Where can he stay?
Please see separate list of accommodation.

How does Brexit impact our travel?
Please see for more details.


At the campsite

Which is the postal address of the site?
Intercamp 2020
c/o Quex Park
Park Lane, Birchington
Kent, CT7 0BH

Is there an easy access to grocery stores nearby?

  • Sainsbury: 76 Station Rd, Birchington CT7 9RA (1,2 km)
  • Co-Op: 78-80 Station Rd, Birchington CT7 9RA (1,2 km)
  • Tesco Superstore: Manston Rd, Ramsgate, CT12 6NT (7,1 km)
  • ASDA: Westwood Rd, Broadstairs CT10 2NR (8,5 km)
  • Lidl: 416 Margate Rd, Ramsgate CT12 6SL (8,9 km)

Will there be a Supermarket on site?
This is currently in discussion with a local store of a national company. There might also be the possibility to order online and have the groceries dropped off on site. This is also still in discussion.

Can we make a fire in a bowl? Campfire?
The site have advised that it is a NO WOOD burning site, but charcol BBQ’s are acceptable as long as the BBQ bottom is at least 50cm from the floor. THESE MUST NOT BE IN OR NEAR TENTS AND FIRE FIGHTING EQUIPMENT MUST BE PROVIDED BY YOURSELVES!

Will there a place for prayers?
Yes, a quiet zone including a prayer tent will be set aside but if anything specific required (IE religious books or prayer mats please bring your own). There will be an ecumenical service at 07.30 on Sunday in the arena.

How do you handle visitors (DBS) escorted?
Every visitor will be signed in and given ID by IC SAFETY team on arrival. Any visitors must be pre arranged with Chief of Chiefs ( at least 4 weeks prior to IC, if less notice then you must talk directly to Chief of Chiefs.

Is there a supply with gas bottles?
Yes, there will be the opportunity to purchase gas bottles on site. The final rates are currently in discussion with the supplier, once they are fixed we will communicate them here.
Regulators will be supplied for UK gas bottles once on site. They must be collected from Calor (gas supplier) on site and returned before de-registration.

How can we pay on site cards, Pounds or Euro? 
Some shops on site may have card facilities, but will also be accepting Euros and Sterling. Change will be given in Sterling. There will be a possibility to exchange pounds back to euro and vice versa on the Palza.

Can we charge our mobile phones during Intercamp?
Yes, there will be charging facilities at the Post office but this is done at your own risk.

How will you manage food waste on camp for participants?
There will be full recycling programme in place and facilities on each sub camp. All troops/groups will be expected to follow this as it is part of Intercamp Conservation Award.

Can we dig a hole on site?

Which is the nearest hospital?
Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital (Ramsgate Rd, Margate CT9), but please seek advice from first aid team on site first.

Do you have an emergency phone number?
Yes, this will be given out 2 weeks prior to event and is only for EMERGENCY calls only.

Do you provide catering for participants?
No, this is a self catering event unless you are registered as IST.

When will the IST kitchen open?
The first supplied meal will be on Thursday 28th May 2020 evening. IST arriving before (for construction of the campsite) will need to cater for themselves.


Programme & Activities

Do I need permission forms for all activities?
There are NO separate permission forms needed.

Are there restrictions on activities e.g. age, height or weight?
No, we include everyone.

I have a disability; can I still participate in activities?
Yes, we are all inclusive. When you arrive at the activity please speak directly to the leader running activity if you have any questions or wish to discuss your needs for activity.

Can I choose my activities?
There will be a range of free choice activities to do on site after 16:00. All other activities during day will be programmed.

Do I need special clothes for activities?
No just sensible camping clothes as no water activities planned.

How will I know what activities I’m doing at Intercamp?
You will be given your programme of activities on arrival.

Can I opt. out what activities I don’t want to do?
No, all activities are badge related and all group participation if needed.

Can I swap activities with another participant?
You will have chance to do many activities during IC2020 so no need to swap.

For how many people do we have to provide food at the food festival?
Enough for everyone for sample the dish. If each troop cooks enough for there own amount of scouts, everyone will be served.



What if I’m over 18 years old? Can I still come?
Yes, please register as an IST member.

We’ve got a buddy troop can we camp together?
You can request to be on the same sub camp via Chief of Chiefs. Please also state it as a comment in your registration.


Special Regulations & Requirements

Which knives can our scouts bring to the UK?
Yes, but not exceed the UK law which states they must not lock and must be less than 3 inches (= 7,62 cm) long. If in doubt check with your preferred travel company to ensure with their regulations are met as if they exceed they will be confiscated and knives can not be carried on the plane.

What about Kitchen knives?
Must be stored in a case and not taken away from the kitchen area of your camping area. Also check with your preferred travel company to check their own regulations.

We have a medical reason, that we need power at our troop, is that possible?
Yes, but only for medical reasons. Please notify Chief of Chiefs no less than 8 weeks prior to event.

Can we use a generator?
No generators, if power is needed it will be supplied by Intercamp.

Can we use our PMR radios?
Yes, but licensed radios must have a current OFCOM certificate but license; free ones are also an option if wish to use those.

Can we do the training “Safe from Harm” on Intercamp?
No training must be carried out prior to arrival but all IST members and troop/group leaders will be provided with “the yellow card”. These will be in English only.

Can I bring my drone?
NO we have been told NO DRONES as we are on a NO FLY ZONE and if any IST members see a drone be prepared to be challenged and the item to be confiscated.

Is there a space for IST caravan or mobile home?
Yes, on the IST camping area.

Can we smoke/vape on site?
Yes, there will be designated smoking areas on site following POR. This includes smoking of all types IE Vaping, e-cigarettes and tabacco. If seen smoking/vaping in any area except smoking area please be prepared to be challenged.


Johannes is a scout since the age of 6 and actively involved in Intercamp since 2004. From 2006 until today he never missed an Intercamp and worked in all kind of jobs in the International Serivce Team (IST).
In 2014 he was asked to become a member of the Intercamp committee, being responsible for the website and public relations.


on Frequently asked Questions for Intercamp 2020.
  1. Holly

    There is a farm shop with a grovery and fresh vegies on site of Quex Park. they sell bread and alos other things to buy. just thoiught of this to put it on for shops.

  2. A. Cooley

    Can scouts travel freely to the UK without additional documentation?
    The United Kingdom is not a visa required country and the only documentation is Passport/ID Card and a group/troop produced permission to camp/travel form.

    Where can we acquire this ‘travel form’?

  3. Angie Morlan

    Two questions

    1) If we need to change the number of attendees from our original registration, can we do that.
    2) Do we need Medical Form C for this event?