Hiking around Middachten!

9th June 2019

A big part of any Intercamp is the traditional hike. On Saturday the first half of Intercamp, almost 2500 Scouts, walked approximately 16 kilometers through parts of Veluwezoom (Netherlands’ oldest national park) and De Steeg. Because of the bad weather earlier this week, we couldn’t make it to the Posbank but the route was beautiful nonetheless.

There were several stops along the way and the Koekhappen came right on time for Frederich (14) who was quite hungry. “I lost one of my sandwiches at the lunch break. We still have a long way to go according to our leaders!”

Safe crossing


Koekhappen, a Dutch game..

The Human Snake…

Koekhappen is a game that children often play at kinderfeestjes (kidsparties) and for example on Kings Day. An ontbijtkoek (or another soft delicacy) is attached on a thread and the players have to try to bite the koek off the thread by keeping their hands behind their backs.