Another birdshow and lots of Bows & Arrows

9th June 2019

Falconer and his bird.

With the wind fortunately much better this morning, the day for subcamp Deer, Badger and Boar started with a bird of prey show. In the beautiful sun, our falconer showed a perfect audience several smaller and larger birds. With plenty of food he motivated his animals to fly over the crowd.After this grand opening of day two, the on-site subcamps hustled their members into international patrols. Making new friends is one of Intercamp’s finest activities and was easily achieved on the activity field. Without the wind, our bow & arrow team was able to set up camp.

Safety first, the team first explained the rules and technique. After instructions, the participants can pick up a bow and shoot arrows at a target. The success, of course, varied a bit. Sarah (13) from the Netherlands was particularly impressed. “I’ve never shot an arrow before, and now the first time I hit the yellow center!” she said with a big smile.

Activities on the Plaza and activity field will continue this afternoon after a well-earned lunch.