Birds of prey are keeping an eye on the participants..

8th June 2019

While half of the subcamps are putting on their hiking shoes, the on-site team is being entertained by the Falconry who brought birds of prey. Even though the wind was a bit too hard for the birds to fly, they gave a great show with beautiful birds.


on Birds of prey are keeping an eye on the participants...
  1. Alice van Hunnik

    Passing by in a car on the Zutphense straatweg, it looked great to see all those tents and hiking scouts. Realising that there are plenty of birds of prey and owls in the surroundings (Posbank and Veluwe zoom) I was shocked that there was a show with birds, held in captivity..
    Scouts love nature with flowers and wild animals. The presentation by the falconers is not complete.
    Birds of prey sitting on a perch with a chain are not happy. And they are scared by so many people close by.
    Why not make a hike searching for real wild birds?
    Hopefully you realise that there are other and better ways to get scouts involved with nature. Although I know that a show leaves an exciting impression on kids, it is not the right wat for education.

    In Holland there are several organisations that works on the protection of birds of prey and owls, like peregrines, Barn owls, Little owls. Please let them fly free in the air.

    Have a good camp next year.
    Alice van Hunnik, Roofvogel werkgroep Nederland.

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      I always regret misinformation about trained birds of prey. They are definitely not scared by large groups of people because they are totally used being around humans. Otherwise we could never fly these birds free like we do. Education wise is a bird of prey display the best way to get acquainted with their way of live, how they hunt and how the live.
      Birds of prey do live 2 -3 times longer being look after by falconers than they do in the wild. Ergo, we falconers take very good care of them. And we fly the birds daily free, they are strong and can hunt for themselves. Still they rather return to the falconer because getting food from us is so much easier than going for the hunt. They know very well how to make their lives easy and pleasurable.