Countdown to Intercamp 2019 – 9 days!

29th May 2019

Do you already know what subcamp will be your home during Intercamp? Have you seen that we have named each subcamp to an animal you might encounter* during Intercamp?

The list of subcamps:

  1. Subcamp Deer
  2. Subcamp Fox
  3. Subcamp Badger
  4. Subcamp Woodpecker
  5. Subcamp Wild Boar
  6. Subcamp Squirrel

Are you one of our IST hero’s? You will be sleeping at Subcamp Wolf. Did you know that wolves are social animals and like to live in groups? Don’t worry! We don’t have an alpha at the IST subcamp.

Let us know on what subcamp you will be staying during Intercamp!

* Wolves where thought to have left the Netherlands around 1900. However, after the year 2000, there have been increased sightings of the Wolf in the Netherlands.