Intercamp in Belgium 2018

1st November 2017

Ready to Change the world?

We all recognize that there are plenty of things going on in this world that cause un unnecessary pain and suffering. Not only for human beings, but also for animals, plants , … or the planet.

We as scouts are now 40 Million, if we all together want to change something we can. We just have to want it and make it happen. When big changes happens in the world it always start from a spark , a small spark that makes a small fire, gets bigger just to turn into an immense bonfire.

This Intercamp we will start a small change and tell about it to the world, this change will inspire other scouts over the world and as a chain reaction we will make this world a better place.

Are YOU ready to change the world?



Luc 'Ibis' Rubben is the National Representative of Belgium at the Intercamp Committee and the Program Chief for Intercamp 2018 in Sint-Truiden.