Programme Info IC18

1st November 2017

Practical info

Next year’s intercamp will be organized in Sint Truiden, Belgium. From 18th till 21st May 2018.


During intercamp there will be an ON-SITE and OFF-SITE program. On Saturday half of the subcamps will take part in the on-site activities in international patrols. The other half of the participants will take part in a hike with their own troop. On Sunday both groups will exchange and do the other part of the program.


The plaza is an open space that serves as a meeting ground for various activities. The plaza will be the central “gathering place” where you’ll find the post-office, the IC-museum and several walk-in activities.
The plaza also serves as a marketplace where different countries keep stalls or shops to sell their scouting and guiding goods.
You will be able learn more about previous intercamps, send a postcard, find a scout belt to keep your pants from dropping off or make a print on your t-shirt
This year we’ll also have a global development village. Each contingent will prepare a topic that is specific and contemporary in their country.

Subcamp life

All participants will be devided over several subcamps. The subcampstaff will help you to organize your troop on the venue.

Food and culture festival

Saturday afternoon will be great food festival. Every troop is invited to bring traditional healthy food from their country. Patrols prepare different dishes (one dish per patrol) and set up their stand at a designated place. You’ll get a chance to walk from stand to stand and try dishes from different countries. So you’ll have to figure out what you want to prepare and take the necessary ingredients.


Luc 'Ibis' Rubben is the National Representative of Belgium at the Intercamp Committee and the Program Chief for Intercamp 2018 in Sint-Truiden.