New Intercamp Website

20th November 2016

After the first release of this website in 2006 it was time for a brand new website! We hope that you find all the information you need about the Intercamp and you will enjoy exploring the site. If you are missing anything or want to contribute just drop us a line and say


Johannes is a scout since the age of 6 and actively involved in Intercamp since 2004. From 2006 until today he never missed an Intercamp and worked in all kind of jobs in the International Serivce Team (IST).
In 2014 he was asked to become a member of the Intercamp committee, being responsible for the website and public relations.


on New Intercamp Website.
  1. Willy Limbosch

    I subscribed the newletter but until this day I never got a newsletter.

    • Johannes

      We are sending newsletters only once a year or if there is anything special to tell. The best place for information at the moment is actually our Facebook page at