The Meeting of the Preparation Team in Josefov

18th April 2016

There is only one month left until Intercamp 2016 starts so there was a meeting of the Preparation Team at the Elementary School in Josefov.

DSC_4688The meeting was attended by the members of the core team, subcampchiefs, section leaders and their assistants… simply some fifty members of the Service Team arrived, people who will make the upcoming Intercamp possible. The main aim and purpose of the meeting was to interconnect activities of individual teams, to effectively exchange information at the spot, to get acquainted with each other and to try out some processes. And also play a little and have a chat 🙂 Some participants came there a long way – from Poland, Germany or the Netherlands, which is why English was the official language even though most of the participants were Czech. It will be the same at the Intercamp itself.

And what did we do during the weekend? On Friday, we tried to get to know each other better because each section, such as Programme or Facilites Team, usually works separately. We played a few icebreakers with the assistance of the hosts who will present all ceremonies at the event. On Saturday, we had a tour through the campsite and the surroundings of the fortress Josefov where the Intercamp will take place. So those who still weren’t familiar with the site now have a good idea about how and where things will happen, how fast you can get to your subcamp or from one activity to another and so on. And as trees still don’t have leaves – or only very small ones – we could take an unobstructed look at the campsite. It was lonely and grown over by primroses and dandelions but in one month more than 2 500 Scouts will camp there!

In the afternoon, we tried some Onsite and Hike Activities under the supervision of ISTs from the Programme Team. Some were quite difficult but we had a lot of fun.

On Sunday, Doktor gave us a training course about safety at the campsite so now we know how to prevent dangerous situations and accidents, he also told us what to do in case of fire or evacuation. We hope nothing like that will happen but you know… Scouts must be always prepared.

Before we set off for home, the campchief Šlehy thanked for their work to all those who came and who participate on preparations. He also asked all of us to give everything to what we are doing because it mainly depends on us that everything goes well at the event and that the kids will really enjoy it. And that is what we want to achieve – that a few years from now those children will say: “Well, yeah, the Intercamp in Josefov was really cool, wasn’t it?”

We would also like to give our thanks to Mgr. Lukáš Zvěřina, the Headmaster of the Elementary School in Jatoměř-Josefov, his Assistant Headmistress Mgr. Irena Krátká and the school caretaker Mr. Krátký for their forthcoming approach and for their kind offer to use their school for our meeting.


You can see the photogallery from the weekend HERE


Who am I in the civil life? That isn’t a simple question and considering how I hate it myself, I am surprised I gave it to my Intercamp colleagues and consequently to myself. Firstly, I try to be human. My life mission is to help people. One large group are people with some disability and another one are people looking for personal development. Simply – a therapist and a lecturer.

Why Scouts? Do you know Robert Fulgum, a very particular author? I would like to mention one of his many titles here: “All I Really need to Know I Learned in Kinderkarten.” In my age, kindergarten is old history but I would like to reformulate Fulghum’s title into a version applicable on my life: “Almost All I Would Never Come Across And Wouldn’t Be Able to Try And What Is Important For Life And Work I Learned in Scout.” So maybe for this reason.