Intercamp 2016 eShop is on!

11th January 2016

euWTHERE you can find the gallery of the items that you can order from the Intercamp 2016 eShop.

Please, pay attention to the instructions that will easily guide you through your purchase. Our eShop is a bit untraditional but we believe you will choose items for both your collection and everyday use from what we offer. To put in an order, you need your troop ID / IST ID, you received it from the registrations team when you registered your group.

The deadline for putting in orders from the eShop is 29 February 2016.

We hope you will enjoy your purchase,

Intercamp 2016 eShop.


Who am I in the civil life? That isn’t a simple question and considering how I hate it myself, I am surprised I gave it to my Intercamp colleagues and consequently to myself. Firstly, I try to be human. My life mission is to help people. One large group are people with some disability and another one are people looking for personal development. Simply – a therapist and a lecturer.

Why Scouts? Do you know Robert Fulgum, a very particular author? I would like to mention one of his many titles here: “All I Really need to Know I Learned in Kinderkarten.” In my age, kindergarten is old history but I would like to reformulate Fulghum’s title into a version applicable on my life: “Almost All I Would Never Come Across And Wouldn’t Be Able to Try And What Is Important For Life And Work I Learned in Scout.” So maybe for this reason.