Committee in Josefov For the First Time

17th November 2015

The Intercamp Committee had a meeting in Josefov on November 14, 2015 and we were there.

Šupik and his team had a lot of work from November 13 when members of the Intercamp Committee were coming to Prague. The next day, Saturday 14, we joined them in a crammed microbus and set off for Josefov. We spent the morning working. At first, we held separate meetings for Committee and the Realization Team but then we joined our talks together. Šlehy introduced the whole team and the budget, said a few words about facilities and other important points on preparations of Intercamp 2016. Then we let speak Cvrček about the programme. He gave a very detailed and well prepared presentation about the conception of the programme, and then it was time to go to the town hall.

We received a very warm welcome at the town hall, which is nearby the restaurant where previous talks had taken place. The mayor Ing. Jiří Klepsa welcomed up with open arms. We first remembered the terrifying events from the last night in Paris. Then we had a short excursion into the history of Josefov and then the mayor gave the patronage over Intercamp 2016 to Šlehy. Another very important official event was awarding the Medal of Scout Gratitude in memoriam to Piet Deckers, which was given to Kurt Aretz.

After the long talks and the rather official meeting, we walked in the light autumn rain at the future camp site of the Intercamp. Our steps took us to the area of the future subcamps, we climbed up to the programme area and our tour ended at the place of the future IST subcamp. It was getting dark when we said goodbye to Josefov and drove back to Prague where we continued our talks at the Scout Institute, we talked about limits for the size of contingents and other issues.


We ended the all-day-long talks at the Old Town Square with informal discussions.

It was a difficult day but I am sure it was very pleasant and enriching for all involved.

You can see the photo gallery from the weekend here.



Who am I in the civil life? That isn’t a simple question and considering how I hate it myself, I am surprised I gave it to my Intercamp colleagues and consequently to myself. Firstly, I try to be human. My life mission is to help people. One large group are people with some disability and another one are people looking for personal development. Simply – a therapist and a lecturer.

Why Scouts? Do you know Robert Fulgum, a very particular author? I would like to mention one of his many titles here: “All I Really need to Know I Learned in Kinderkarten.” In my age, kindergarten is old history but I would like to reformulate Fulghum’s title into a version applicable on my life: “Almost All I Would Never Come Across And Wouldn’t Be Able to Try And What Is Important For Life And Work I Learned in Scout.” So maybe for this reason.