Intercamp 2016 – Czech Republic – Josefov

16th November 2015

I would like to invite you for 49th Intercamp. Intercamp 2016 will take place in the Czech Republic, fortress Josefov. When? 13th – 16th May 2016 for scouts and guides aged 11 to 17, group leaders and IST. Glad to see you on Intercamp 2016. See


Who am I in the civil life? That isn’t a simple question and considering how I hate it myself, I am surprised I gave it to my Intercamp colleagues and consequently to myself. Firstly, I try to be human. My life mission is to help people. One large group are people with some disability and another one are people looking for personal development. Simply – a therapist and a lecturer.

Why Scouts? Do you know Robert Fulgum, a very particular author? I would like to mention one of his many titles here: “All I Really need to Know I Learned in Kinderkarten.” In my age, kindergarten is old history but I would like to reformulate Fulghum’s title into a version applicable on my life: “Almost All I Would Never Come Across And Wouldn’t Be Able to Try And What Is Important For Life And Work I Learned in Scout.” So maybe for this reason.