Please start preparing INTERCAMP 2012

11th October 2011

Following a successful Intercamp 2011 in Boom/Belgium the next Intercamp was planned for Jambville/France.
During the preparations for 2012, it became clear that for organizational reasons the proposed camp area unfortunately was not possible and that our friends from Scouting France were not able to find another camping area that was suitable for an Intercamp, which made it unclear who would host the Intercamp 2012.

Given this situation our friends from TAC/BSA have offered to host the Intercamp 2012 (they were scheduled for 2013); for this the IC-Committee is very grateful.

Our American friends are very determinded and will do their very best to prepare the camp in this short time. In the coming weeks we will be ready to announce further details; registration will be opened as soon as the location of the campsite is fixed.



Johannes is a scout since the age of 6 and actively involved in Intercamp since 2004. From 2006 until today he never missed an Intercamp and worked in all kind of jobs in the International Serivce Team (IST).
In 2014 he was asked to become a member of the Intercamp committee, being responsible for the website and public relations.