Update on Intercamp 2021

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation within the Organization Team. A decision on Intercamp 2021 in the UK will be made in January. Read all details here.



  • IC2021 UK
    8th November 2020

    Registration for Intercamp 2021

    Dear Intercampers, Scouts and Scouters, COVID-19 brings uncertainty and worries in all of our lives at the moment. With great sorrow we had to cancel Intercamp 2020 in the UK …

  • 1
    15th May 2020

    Intercamp 2020 at Home

    Unfortunately, we cannot meet in person this year, however, we can still take part in some challenges from home! Head over to our Facebook Page to find our more …

  • faq-ic
    3rd February 2020

    Frequently asked Questions for Intercamp 2020

    Travelling to and from camp How to book a shuttle from harbour to the Intercamp site? The last details are currently in the planning, if you have a question in …

  • 20190608_hummle_6986
    14th June 2019

    Pictures, pictures and more pictures! Looking back at Intercamp 2019..

    At this time, one week ago, the Middachten Estate was a busy place crawling with Scouts finding their way to the subcamps. Now, after some rain, most of the footsteps …

  • Lost and found?
    11th June 2019

    Missing your belongings after Intercamp 2019?

    During Intercamp 2019 you guys dropped or misplaced a lot of items. At the lost & found station we already returned dozens of items belonging to you. After cleaning up …

  • Closing ceremony
    10th June 2019

    There’s a time to come, there’s a time to go..

    The final gathering of all 5.000 scouts has ended. After a spectacular entrance by drum band Mr. H.M. van der Zandt collecting the troops from the subcamps, it was time for …

  • All you can swop
    9th June 2019

    Swop those badges..!

    Swopping is one of Intercamp’s long-lived traditional activities that takes place almost day and night. You can find Scouts on any place imaginable, laying out badges or other items. Swopping …

  • Hiking
    9th June 2019

    Hiking around Middachten!

    A big part of any Intercamp is the traditional hike. On Saturday the first half of Intercamp, almost 2500 Scouts, walked approximately 16 kilometers through parts of Veluwezoom (Netherlands’ oldest …

  • Birdshow
    9th June 2019

    Another birdshow and lots of Bows & Arrows

    Falconer and his bird. With the wind fortunately much better this morning, the day for subcamp Deer, Badger and Boar started with a bird of prey show. In the beautiful …

  • 20190607_hummle_6750
    8th June 2019

    Already looking back at the first half of Intercamp 2019!

    The tunes of DJ René are still blasting through the speakers and the crowd is dancing wild. Scouting is a party! Tomorrow there’s a new day, with hopefully less wind …

  • intercamp-saturday-plaza-005
    8th June 2019

    Plaza Buzzzzzz

    The sun is out and immediately the Plaza is buzzing with activities. On one side of the Plaza at our Forrest House, aspirant singer-songwriter-scouts are picking up the mic for …

  • Barrel Roll
    8th June 2019

    On-site team madness!

    With almost 2500 participants still on the campsite, it’s a hell of a job to keep them all entertained. All over de activity field, teams are playing games with or …