Clarification on COVID-Rules

Dear Participants and Serviceteamers of Intercamp 2022,

in the last couple of days we received questions on our COVID rules in the light of changing local and national standards. After careful consideration of all information available to us, the Intercamp Committee has decided the following: Driven by the goal of having as safe an Intercamp as possible for all participants, we decided to keep the rules communicated from the beginning and accepted by all who registered: only those Scouts who are either fully vaccinated or recovered may participate. What is considered fully vaccinated or recovered is determined by the current rules of France. To have a fun and enjoyable camp as safe as possible we decided to not consider a negative test alone as sufficient. When arriving at Intercamp all scout leaders have to confirm in writing that all their group’s members fulfill the requirements.
Although we strongly belief in the trustworthiness of all scouts we will check the respective certificates of all or some participants- so please make sure you have these ready upon arrival.

Scouts and Scouters who do not meet the requirements or can not provide the respective documentation will not be allowed to enter camp.

Please support us in making this camp as safe an event as possible for all, so we all can have a great camp!

Invite Ukraine scouts to Intercamp

Dear Scouts and Troop Leaders,

Intercamp has been a camp promoting international friendship for over 50 years. As probably everybody, we as Intercamp Committee are deeply touched by the war in the Ukraine and the effects it also has on young Ukrainians.

We would like to provide a tiny puzzle piece of support to those scouts who had to flee from their home with a weekend of friendship and fellowship and scouting.

If you have Ukranian refugee Scouts or young Ukrainian in the age of 11 to 16 interested in Scouting in your community, we would like to encourage you to invite those young Ukranians to join your troop in Intercamp. You can bring them in addition to your registered scouts and we will not charge the camp fee for young Ukranians. Please only inform your national representative by e-mail about the additional Ukranianparticipants you will bring to Intercamp.

Please note that the Intercamp COVID rules also do apply to these additional scouts.