Intercamp UK 2021

28 January 2021

Dear Fellow Intercampers,

The pandemic situation that caused the cancellation of Intercamp 2020 was a terrible thing. We set our sights and made plans on hosting Intercamp 2021 In the UK. Unfortunately, the pandemic has not released its hold on the world, even with the intervention of vaccines.

After discussion between the Organising Team and the Intercamp Committee, we have had to make the decision that nobody really wanted.

We are sorry to announce that Intercamp 2021 UK is cancelled!

Plans are still going ahead for Intercamp 2022 and the Organising Team for this event will proceed with the hope that the pandemic will be over and that we can all get together to celebrate Scouting in the Intercamp way once again.

We know that there have been a lot of questions about the historical opportunity for Intercamp to be held in the UK and it is hoped that maybe in several years' time that the opportunity will rise again.

A really big thank you is given to all those that have been involved in, supporting and have stuck to the idea of an Intercamp in the UK, to the organisers and administrators for the last two years but most of all the Intercamp Committee for their faith in trying to make this historical event happen.

If there is the opportunity, there may well be an event online over the Intercamp weekend. Please keep an eye on the social media. We may see you then, if not...

See you all in 2022...

Yours in Scouting,
Pete Byrne
Camp Chief IC 20/21